The ROADA DCD is designed specifically for the road maintenance industry.
DM&T Services LTD. designs, manufactures, and supports the DCD in-house. We are able to quickly modify the firmware for new sensor and industry needs.
Slide thumbnail I/O The ROADA DCD supports total of 11 optically isolated inputs and 3 optically isolated outputs. 3 inputs are located on the power harness for easy connection of plow sensors - front, wing and Tow.
Slide thumbnail The ROADA DCD I supports 4 external Serial ports. Typical configuration consists of spreader, Temperature, ECM and Modem. Serial Ports
Slide thumbnail Various sensor technoloogies are supported:
- Hydraulic
- Proximity
- CS550 Joy Stick
- DiCAn Pneumatic box
Plow Status
Slide thumbnail Our DCD supports all major controllers. We provide free updates when versions or new controllers are introduced.:
CS230, 440, 550 : Epoke : Dickey John : ACE : Force America : Schmidt : Cirus
Spreader Controllers