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Easy navigation and useful features support analysis of operational data.

Configurable hover events, colour, filter by address and location,

and multi vehicle replays are some of the features that make

ROADA an excellent AVL/GPS platform for road operations.

Geo Fencing

Polygons with 100 plus points can detail exact location outlines. Geo Fences can be categorized for specific uses.For example, a material Geo Fence will calculate accurate material application within the GEO Fenced area.

Multi Vehicle Replay

Replay 10 plus vehicles simultaneously. Using colour and a legend, operational statuses are displayed based on vehicle type.

Map Find

Users can quickly find operational concerns by entering an address or clicking on the map. The system will display a filtered vehicle list based on the current time frame selected.


Yards and vehicle types can be displayed using colours. Users can toggle between colour states depending on their needs.

Hover Event

Hover events can be configured to display any available input specific to the vehicle type.