Entirely customizable

Off-the-shelf solution


Easy navigation and useful features support analysis of operational data.

Configurable hover events, colour, filter by address and location, and

multi vehicle replays are some of the features that make ROADA

an excellent AVL/GPS platform for road operations.


The ROADA DCD supports total of 11 optically isolated inputs and 3 optically isolated outputs. 3 inputs are located on the power harness for easy connection of plow sensors – front, wing and Tow.

Serial Ports

The ROADA DCD I supports 4 external Serial ports. Typical configuration consists of spreader, Temperature, ECM and Modem.

Plow Status

Various sensor technoloogies are supported:
-CS550 Joy Stick
-DiCAn Pneumatic box

Spreader Controllers

Our DCD supports all major controllers. We provide free updates when versions or new controllers are introduced: CS230, 440, 550 : Epoke : Dickey John : ACE : Force America : Schmidt : Cirus