The ROADA AVL provides cost effective vehicle tracking. ROADA AVL includes all the standard tracking features most AVL packages offer. The ROADA AVL offers additonal advantages through integration and custom reporting. All features in teh Basic AVL are available in the more advanced ROADA configurations.

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Standard Features

  • Configurable GPS settings – angle, distance, reporting intervals, stop, etc.
  • Remote configuration
  • Replay feature
  • Interactive Graph
  • Vehicle Type configuration
  • Expandable map size for large monitors
  • Address and location based search
  • Colour coded breadcrumb displaying vehicle work status
  • Geo Fence Alerts
  • Configurable alerts – stationary, speed, idle, environmental
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  • Stop reports
  • Idle Reports
  • Speed Reports
  • Configurable Equipmetn report
  • Geofence reports
  • Differing dry mixes
  • Differing spreader technologies
  • Deadheading
  • Vehicle type detail